Kim Kardashian Met With California’s Governor Ahead of Death Penalty Moratorium – W

Kim Kardashian Met With California’s Governor Ahead of Death Penalty Moratorium – W

Less than a year after visiting the White House to talk about criminal justice reform and helping to draw attention to the case of Alice Marie Johnson, Kim Kardashian West is again using her public platform to promote reform. And she's made it clear that this is no casual pet cause; she's informed on the issues and ready to make real change. "For the last year, I have immersed myself in learning about the criminal justice system. I visited prisons, met with formerly incarcerated people, and helped with cases of individual injustice - including two death penalty cases, " tweeted Kardashian West on Tuesday, continuing, "I have met with and am very supportive of Governor Newsom and his decision to help bring an end to the California Death Penalty. Racial bias and unfairness run deep throughout the justice system but especially when it comes to the death penalty." These statements came on the heels of the news that California governor Gavin Newsom would issue a moratorium on executions, essentially hitting "pause" on California's death row. In a third tweet, Kardashian West wrote, "And we should not be okay with the risk that an innocent person could be executed. .

I hope we can turn toward better solutions that focus more on healing victims of trauma and prioritizing fairness and justice." She then posted an article about Governor Newsom's decision with a series of supportive emojis. And this isn't her only good deed of the week. Kardashian West is changing lives on an individual but very meaningful scale as well. She's paying rent for Matthew Charles, a former inmate who was denied housing because of his "prior criminal history", per Buzzfeed. Charles was released in 2016 after a sentence reduction, but courts later found an error in that ruling and he was forced to return to prison. Thanks to the First Step Act, he was finally released, for good this time, in January. .

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